RedEagle Products Help Optimize the Economics of Crop Production

The RedEagle line of products includes many of the most proven and trusted chemistries in agriculture. Whether you grow commodity row crops or specialty high-value crops, these are the products you already know when and how to use. Some have been around for generations. But they all still work, and they meet your expectations for performance and value.

Many big-name agrichemical companies still expect you to pay a premium price for some of these products. With a small company like RedEagle, you don’t have to do that. You can pay less and have the freedom to use them with the seed and other products you prefer.

That lower RedEagle price also makes it possible to use a higher labeled rate and stay within your input budget. With some RedEagle multiple active ingredient products such as Flu-Rimuron you even get more residual protection per ounce than with the big-name product.

The high quality of RedEagle products is due to our partnerships with manufacturers known for exceptional production expertise, stringent quality control systems, and thorough regulatory compliance. To see the label for the product you need and the corresponding Safety Data Sheet, just click.

Product Downloads

All downloads are in PDF format.

Acifluorfen 2 Label ▼ SDS ▼
Azoxystrobin 22.9% SC Label ▼ SDS ▼
Bentazon 4 Label ▼ SDS ▼
Bifenthrin 2E Label ▼ SDS ▼
Captan 4L Label ▼ SDS ▼
Captan 80 WDG Label ▼ SDS ▼
Chlorimuron-erthyl 25% WDG Label ▼ SDS ▼
Clethodim 2E Label ▼ SDS ▼
Dicamba 49.8% SL Label ▼ SDS ▼
Dicamba 708 g-L Salt Label ▼ SDS ▼
Diuron 4L Label ▼ SDS ▼
Ethephon 6 Label ▼ SDS ▼
Flumioxazin 44% SC Label ▼ SDS ▼
Flumioxazin 51% WDG More Info ► Label ▼ SDS ▼
Flumioxazin 51% IVM Label ▼ SDS ▼
Flumioxazin 51% WDG – NonCrop Label ▼ SDS ▼
Flumioxazin 51% WDG – CA only Label ▼ SDS ▼
Flu-Rimuron More Info ► Label ▼ SDS ▼
Fomesafen 2SL Label ▼ SDS ▼
Fomesafen Sodium SC Label ▼ SDS ▼
Glufosinate 280SL Label ▼ SDS ▼
Mesotrione 40% SC Label ▼ SDS ▼
Metribuzin Label ▼ SDS ▼
Paraquat 43.2% SL Label ▼ SDS ▼
Sulfentrazone 39.6% SC Label ▼ SDS ▼
Tribufos 6 Label ▼ SDS ▼