RedEagle International

Pay Less. Get More. Use More. The Choices are Yours

RedEagle International LLC is not a big company, but RedEagle can play a big role in helping farmers manage costs. We sell high-quality generic products with the same active ingredients that have been proven over years of use and experience. Products you already know how to use. RedEagle offers you value in our products and flexibility in how you choose to use them and how you manage your input costs.

Use the easy Cost Comparison Calculator to find out HOW MUCH YOU CAN SAVE PER ACRE by switching to these great RedEagle herbicides.

What you get with
RedEagle products

Pay Less.

Lower your overall input cost by paying less for the same actives you already use and need.

Get More.

Big companies like to create new products by mixing lots of old products together. Often you get less of what you want, like residual herbicide. With some RedEagle combination products you get more of the actives you want per ounce than with the big name products.

Use More.

Sometimes the best strategy is to use a higher labeled rate, but per-acre costs seem prohibitive. Our lower price gives you the ability to use a higher labeled rate to fight resistant or stubborn weeds and other crop pests without spending more than you already pay.

What you DON'T get

Complicated Rebate Programs.

You don’t have to “loan” multinational companies your working capital and then hassle with paperwork just to get your own money back months later.

More Cost.

RedEagle doesn’t need to pass along the cost of the expensive infrastructure and overhead of big companies.


RedEagle doesn’t dictate what seed you must buy or what other chemicals you must use. We don’t require a “bundle” to save you a bundle.

All you need to do

Ask for RedEagle.

Because RedEagle is a quiet company that doesn’t make a lot of marketing noise, you need to ask specifically for RedEagle products when you are ready to order from your agrichemical dealer.

You’ll be glad you tried RedEagle, glad you could use the rate you need, and glad you saved money doing it.

And remember:

No matter what RedEagle products fit your crop management needs, always read and follow label instructions.