Flu-Rimuron offers you a premium dual mode, residual herbicide program at generic prices.

When you get less for your soybeans, wouldn’t you like to spend about 20% less on proven herbicides?

Why pay more for the same herbicide performance when you can’t sell your beans for more?

Calculate your savings by switching from Valor® XLT to RedEagle Flu-Rimuron

It’s easy. Just fill in the blanks for your cost per pound of Valor® XLT and the number of acres. We’ve benchmarked the cost of Flu-Rimuron at $29.00 and the rate at 3 oz./acre. You can change that to as much as 5 oz./acre if you need to use a higher labeled rate for improved pre-emerge weed control. The calculator will show your savings even at the higher rate.

Pay Less and apply the savings to your farm’s bottom line. Or Get More. Are you now using a 3 oz. rate of Valor® XLT just to save cost? Even though it’s not giving you the residual performance you need? Change to Flu-Rimuron and you get more residual control. The calculator will show you how many oz./acre you can use with your savings with Flu-Rimuron.

Are you using Envive® or Enlite® instead of Valor® XLT? Just plug in the cost of either of those products instead of Valor® and find out whether you may save even more with Flu-Rimuron. Plus, you get more residual control per ounce with Flu-Rimuron than with Envive® or Enlite®.

If your retailer does not carry RedEagle Flu-Rimuron, contact www.info@redeagleinternational.com for a RedEagle retailer near you.

Flu-Rimuron Versus Valor® XLT
Cost per Acre Calculator for Soybeans

Enter your actual costs for each product and the per acre rate you intend to use and look at the savings.






RedEagle Flu-Rimuron


Valor® XLT




If you are using less than the full label rate and want to use a higher labeled rate for improved pre-emerge weed control, you can use this many ounces per acre of Flu-Rimuron above your current rate above for the same dollars per acre you are paying for Valor® XLT. Even though you can now afford to use more, never use more than the maximum labeled rate.

At Flu-Rimuron’s price, you can afford to use the highest labeled rate for even better weed control. The high rate of RedEagle’s Flu-Rimuron contains the same amount of Flumioxazin in 2.8 ounces of Valor® SX and the same amount of Chlorimuron in 2.2 ounces of Classic®. The big difference is the cost.

Sure, you can pay more for other, high-priced pre-mixes with these active ingredients, like Valor® XLT, Envive® and Enlite®. But today’s market doesn’t reward that.

And no matter what price beans fetch in the market, they still need a premier, residual dual mode-of-action pre-emergence treatment that can knock out tough, often resistant weeds right from the start.

Plus, RedEagle’s Flu-Rimuron has more residual herbicide per ounce than Envive or Enlite. You can pay less per ounce and still get more residual herbicide to control a very tough weed spectrum. This can be crucial if you are battling resistant weeds such as pigweed that can devastate soybean crops and spread thousands of seed across all your fields.

Wouldn’t you rather save several dollars per acre using the same combination of these two proven pre-emergence, residual herbicides with different modes of action? Can you afford not to do it?

Whether you pay less and use the same rates or decide to use higher labeled rates with RedEagle’s Flu-Rimuron:
Less Cost or Stronger, Longer Weed Control = Better Value.

Either way, you can lower your input costs to get the control you want. And you’ll be taking a step to bring your input costs more in line with output rewards in the market.

The choice is yours, so when you order ag chemicals, specify RedEagle’s Flu-Rimuron. Or send us a note and we’ll put you in touch with someone who will help you get Flu-Rimuron

You’ll be glad you tried RedEagle’s Flu-Rimuron, glad you could use the rate you need, and glad you saved money doing it.

Valor® is a registered trademark of Valent USA Corp. Envive and Enlite are registered trademarks of E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co.