About RedEagle

The mission of RedEagle International, LLC is to provide farmers with better value and more choice in managing the cost of their agrichemical inputs.

RedEagle has established an efficient supply chain for high-quality generic products that have the same active ingredients proven to be effective over many years of use and experience. These are products farmers already trust and know how to use.

By avoiding the high overhead costs of extensive facilities and sales staff, RedEagle is able to offer farmers value. And by eliminating “bundling” incentives and rebates, RedEagle can offer that value proposition with transparency and simplicity. RedEagle does not require the farmer to buy an “approved” seed or additional chemicals. And then make the farmer wait months for a rebate of some of the farm’s operating capital, if all the receipts and paperwork satisfy the big company’s rules.

Reducing our supply and administrative expense reduces costs to the farmer. Lower cost enables RedEagle products to create flexibility for growers in how those products are used. Often a higher labeled rate is needed to handle resistant or stubborn pests, but the pricing of a big multinational company won’t work in a sensible budget for farm inputs. That same farmer, using a RedEagle product, does not have to cut application rates because the product costs less. For the same expenditure the higher labeled rate still fits the budget.

RedEagle International, LLC was established in 2008 by Yingxue Yu, and the company’s sales and administrative managers each have decades of experience in the agrichemical industry. They know what farmers need and want from a supplier to help them optimize their farm’s production and profitability.

Ask for RedEagle. Because RedEagle is a quiet company that doesn’t make a lot of marketing noise, you need to ask specifically for RedEagle products when you are ready to order from your agrichemical dealer.

You’ll be glad you tried RedEagle, glad you could use the rate you need, and glad you saved money doing it.